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Professional development

Starting into the field of migration

The motivation of students to choose migration studies is undoubtedly very diverse, and so are the career paths that they take after their graduation. As much as this diversity is inspiring and thrilling, it can oftentimes also be challenging and demotivating. To support our community with inspiration for possible career paths, and advice on how to get there, we have launched the INSMS Guide to Start Your Career in the Field of Migration.

Learn more about the diverse careers in the field of migration, meet the inspiring professionals, and find your own pathways to professionalism!

Professional development: Testo

Ready to start your career?

We know how strenuous it can be to find the right job, especially in the field of migration. We created this list with sites on which you can start your hunt. We are sure that you will make an impact, to do so you just need to start.

Professional development: Projekte
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