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Summer Schools 2022

Updated: Mar 21, 2022


Would you like to learn more about migration or migration-related topics during summer?

Here are some Summer School Programmes for 2022 that can hopefully satisfy your thirst for more knowledge. If we have missed an interesting program for the summer, please let us know via our contact form. The blog post will be updated regularly.


International Migration, Social Conflict and Public Policy (application open)

Hosting institution: London School of Economics - LSE | UK

Dates: 1- 19 August 2022

Duration: 3 weeks

Format: On campus

Language: English

Credits: 7.5 ECTS

Costs: Vary (details:

Link for further information:

Summer school on migration and development (application deadline: 27 March 2022)

18th migration summer school edition by MPC (application deadline 10 April 2022 (this delayed deadline is only applicable for people affected by the war in Ukraine)

Global Citizenship Education (application deadline 15 April 2022)

Prejudice, Discrimination, and the Diversity Challenge (application deadline 15 April 2022)

MATILDE Summer School International Migration in Remote Places (application deadline: 15 April 2022)

Human Rights, Minorities and Diversity Governance (application deadline 15 April 2022)

Diversity Management for Social Justice (application deadline 29 April 2022)

Wealth and Poverty: the Making of the Modern World (application deadline 1 May 2022)

Reparations for Historical Injustices (application deadline 1 May 2022)

Migrants, Human Rights, Democracy (application deadline 10 May 2022)

Introduction to Refugee Protection and Forced Migration (application deadline 15 May 2022)

Forced Migration (application deadlines: July Schools 30 May)

Global Migration and Health (application deadline 1 June 2022)

International Trade and Migration (application deadline 1 June 2022)

Europe: Diversity and Migration (application deadline 1 June 2022)

Citizenship and Migration: Europe's 21st Century Challenges (application deadline 1 June 2022)

Beyond Horizons - Migrant and Minority Literature. Transmitting and Writing New Identities (application deadline 1 June 2022)

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