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We have different spaces where we enable exchange. Each space tries to address different needs, and presents a different angle of our work so you can choose to follow the one that suits you best.


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Facebook Group


Students Ambassador Program

We are currently establishing a program for student ambassadors. Student ambassadors are representatives from different study programs that create a direct link to the INSMS and play an important role because they comprise the roots of our network and will help us grow. Our aim is to integrate the student ambassadors into the work of the INSMS to help us direct our efforts and to make our work more valuable for the community that we serve. In exchange we will support you on your mission to become an advocate for migration!

More information is coming soon, so please stay tuned if you want to become an ambassador.

Those who want to actively engage and connect with people who face the same challenges and share the same interests, are very welcome in our Facebook group. Here the whole community regularly shares updates about different events, vacancies, and interesting knowledge sources on a broad range of topics within the migration field. This is the most interactive space, and we encourage you to keep it that way by actively participating and exchanging with your peers.

If you are more professionally oriented, and you want to focus on the variety of different career paths, specialisations, and vacancies in our field, then make sure to follow us on LinkedIn.

To stay on top of everything our network has to offer, make sure to follow us on Facebook. Here you will find general updates on the network, calls for contributions, information about our current and future projects, updates on vacancies, and all the possibilities to get involved.

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