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What is INSMS?

The International Network for Students of Migration Studies (INSMS) was founded in January 2021 as an initiative of (former) students from the Leiden-Delft-Erasmus Research Centre Governance of Migration and Diversity (GMD). It started as a Facebook group for students from the field of migration to connect with each other, share knowledge, information about (digital) events, and entry-level job vacancies.

Since then, the INSMS has evolved into a space that has much more to offer, and thrives thanks to its principle of community empowerment. Projects such as the INSMS Book-Club, the INSMS Newsletter, and Pathways to Professionalism have proven that there is a community of students that are eager to learn and connect with their peers.

Our platform offers advice to those who wish to start or continue their studies in migration, guidance to those starting their career, and those seeking sources of innovative and practical learning. We also actively support exchange and collaboration between students and young professionals to encourage early professional orientation, and create new opportunities. 

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Our  Next Steps

Our vision is to create a network that is international both in its composition and its reach. This is why we want to take it to the next level by getting in touch with migration study programmes, study boards, and peers around the world. By expanding the collaboration across the borders, we also aim to contribute to the efforts of decolonisation of migration. We want to disrupt the current state of affairs in which the voices and experiences of people from the Global South are severely un- and underrepresented both in civil society and academia, and help build a more inclusive and equal society.

Our journey to realise all our visions and achieve our goals is long but we have learned that there is a community that believes in our mission, and supports us on the way there!

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Our team

Our community is what makes our network, and to make sure our community stays connected, and that all the voices and needs are heard, we have a team of dedicated volunteers that are coordinating the efforts. Meet the team!

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We welcome everyone who is passionate about growing with our community. If you want to join us or support us in any other way, drop us a message!

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